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image-shutterstock-75335308About CU Wireless

Since 1994, Credit Union Wireless (formerly Maps Wireless), a subsidiary of MaPS Credit Union based in Salem, Oregon, has been providing discounted cellular service and rate plans to credit union members all over the United States. Over the years, CUW has been recognized as a unique and progressive company within the Credit Union industry, appearing in the Credit Union Times, the CU Journal, and at numerous industry events. A growing number of credit unions are partnering with us to gain access to our services for their members.

Today, CU Wireless is a sought after service partner among Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs), offering credit unions a wide variety of services and programs to meet their members’ needs. This unique partnership benefits credit unions by providing them a unique offering to set them apart from their peers, and benefits their members by providing value-added services and unique, cost-saving products.

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